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We will NEVER discriminate based on race, religion or gender.  With that said we reserve the right to refuse sales at anytime per ATF regulations.

PCI Compliant through January 27, 2024



Your privacy is the upmost importance to us.  We will do everything to ensure that none of your information is sold or shared with any other parties. Furthermore we do not analyze data for marketing or financial gain and will never email you with marketing advertisements.  

Remember that firearms are dangerous and should never be left unlocked or unattended around children.

Always assume a firearm is loaded.

We hope you enjoy your firearm for years to come.  Please BE SAFE and always be respectful of your neighbor no matter their race or gender.

We appreciate your business.

Take care, Travis.


​Dealers may contact us for direct sales at discounted pricing.  Please call 208-298-7916 for inquiries.


Content on this website to include logo, written material and most photos are property of 2A Tacticall LLC and may not be reproduced without written permission.

2A Tactical LLC
Type 7 FFL/SOT 2

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