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SD-556 Rotex Ti - 9 Ounces 556 Made complete of Titanium w/ SureFire adapter

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Product Details

Part Number: SD-556RotexTi
Color: Black
Material: Titanium
Caliber: 5.56 NATO
Attachment Options: ROTEX / SF HUB
Length: 7.8 in / 198mm
Diameter: 1.53 in / 39mm
Weight: 9.0 oz
UPC: 840225716801 
dB Rating: -34.4 dB(A)

The Rotex 556 Full Size Titanium is the ideal choice when weight savings is priority number one. 40% lighter than its 718 Inconel brethren, the Rotex Ti offers substantial weight savings, yet maintains the same high-performance you’ve come to expect from our Rotex line of suppressors inclusive of exceptional sound suppression capabilities, extreme durability and longevity, all while providing industry leading sound and flash reduction. The Rotex Ti is barely there, providing minimal deviation in point of aim/point of impact. Given the nature of Titanium, we recommend use on platforms that see lower-volume firing schedules that are more precision-oriented such as SPR’s and bolt-action rifles.

Constructed using laser bed fusion manufacturing techniques, our traditionally baffled Rotex Full-Size rifle suppressor in 5.56 is constructed of 100% Titanium and is completely weldless. Each suppressor is threaded 1.375x24TPI making it fully HUB compatible, should you choose to mix and match your attachment interfaces. The Rotex ships with B&T’s Rotex-SF HUB assembly, which is compatible with all B&T Rotex flash hiders, as well as all of SureFire SOCOM flash hiders, Warcomps and muzzle brakes. The Rotex-SF HUB is machined from titanium bar stock. NATO-Spec A2 and Direct-Mount HUB assemblies are available as accessories items. The Rotex 556

  • Ships with Rotex-SF Titanium HUB assembly
  • Fully HUB-compatible (1.375x24TPI)
  • 3D-printed of 100% Titanium
  • SPR and bolt-action rifle oriented
  • A mission-specific suppressor where sustained high-volume firing schedules are not anticipated

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