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BT-122267 B&T Blast Deflector with glass breaker with Rotex®-V Interface A2

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B&T Blast Deflector Rotex V attachement.  This device will fit on any NATO spec A2 flash hider and effectifly directs the muzzle blast forward.  

Compensators and flash hiders are quite popular among sport shooters, they also have some disadvantages. If you are lined up on a shooting range next to each other, the neighbor will get the full muzzle blast sometimes including particles and smoke residue. This is not only awkward but could also be dangerous.
When shooting from the prone position, the muzzle blast will raise dust, dirt and even small stones. This is not only irritating, it also blocks the shooters vision and can lead to jams. In these cases, the B&T Blast Deflector is the perfect solution. It is installed on all NATO/Rotex-V compatible flash hiders and compensators (.223/5.56mm and/or .308/7.62 mm) in less than five seconds. The B&T Blast Deflector slows down the hot gases leaving the muzzle and prevents lateral dispersion. Thus any endangerment of neighboring shooters as well as the disperse of dirt is prohibited. Due to its weight of 266 gram the B&T Blast Deflector helps to reduce the muzzle movement when shooting , enabling the shooter for fast follow up shots. The B&T Blast Deflector does not reduce the sound signature.

Caliber: works with 5.56/7.62

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